Corporation details - Kiith Paktu [PAK2]
Alliance: Curatores Veritatis Alliance CEO: Nnamuachs
Kills: 1019 HQ: Ibani VI - Moon 15 - Khanid Transport Storage
Losses: 0 Members: 65
ISK destroyed: 354.86B Shares: 3000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
"I can smell the sea." -Majiir Paktu

A Corporation founded on the principles of a community that can work and interact together while still enjoying what we do.

Looking for all types.

Miners, builders, researchers and fighters, all wanted all the time, apply if you're interested in becoming a part of something more than just a corporation.

0.0 access. PvP oriented with fleet opportunities available.

If interested in joining, please contact any of our recruiters:
Leonidas Amarri, Exodus Lied, Nnamuachs

Or meet us in our public channel "Paktu Pub"
Known Pilots (14)
PilotKill PointsDmg Done (isk)Dmg Received (isk)Efficiency
Dread Pirate Rodgers163313127.11749M0M100%
Emil Ohman1090.3463M0M100%
Ewo Deveraux298435453.4638M0M100%
Exodus Lied00M0M50%
Gul Gemec270330771.275429M0M100%
Gul Matar312219904.695901M0M100%
Kei Kenai488597.9497M0M100%
Leonidas Amarri7709103475.987639M0M100%
Revellus Severasse841790.6085M0M100%
Ronnar Rage5731300.149M0M100%
Tetsuko Yorimasa6114.144M0M100%
Wesley Frost8435147404.69634M0M100%
Wonk Saisima435369.99451M0M100%