Corporation details - Starcade Group [SCGM]
Alliance: Elemental Tide CEO: Spoz Virtus
Kills: 2572 HQ: Nausschie VI - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
Losses: 2 Members: 66
ISK destroyed: 980.82B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.02B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
Recruitment status: OPEN

We are an EU based PvE and small gang PvP training corp (typically frigates-cruisers). We include everyone from advanced players to rookies and are more than happy to train new players up.

We operate in hisec and nullsec regions - although inexperianced and new members must go through a probation period before they are invited to nullsec (except in times of war).

Public chat channel: Starcade
Known Pilots (32)
PilotKill PointsDmg Done (isk)Dmg Received (isk)Efficiency
Acrylic Rain15768677.104504M0M100%
Alexander Tiberain283660467.44286M0M100%
artemus starstrike8441196.52M0M100%
Barkal Blackmane5821472.4546M0M100%
Cal Stryker309038392.25926M0M100%
Chase Lightspeed11047913.2421M0M100%
Darth Xaln Deathwatcher5864824.1552M0M100%
Eli Patrouette12602691.01124M0M100%
Essine Nardieu3073858.6948M0M100%
Eternal Griever32556301902.760386M0M100%
Fgt Hanomaa322226933.652362M0M100%
Gideon Zendikar872936184.396M16.9285M99.95%
Hazo Gorylski15942175970.023515M0M100%
Kaervek Dalani400215877.718351M0M100%
Lasyra Efineh204921345.92187M0M100%
Mack Mendelstrom13754180156.74968M0M100%
Mining Master10M0M50%
Mister Davaham773570763.40227M0M100%
Rayor Severasse38335474589.072871M0M100%
Richard Zuna303339976.98474M0M100%
Scarlet Lightsworn4217.36214M0M100%
Soni Patrouette8571333.14448M0M100%
Spoz Virtus11110150970.031905M0M100%
Thrugo Inkura00M62.0186M0%
Woodson the 13th2223693.0695M0M100%
Zensei Cooperus36075917.8292M0M100%