Corporation details - BOVRIL bOREers Mining CO-OP [BOVRL]
Alliance: Sev3rance CEO: Tablot Manzari
Kills: 951 HQ: Esescama VIII - Moon 3 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse
Losses: 4 Members: 209
ISK destroyed: 673.95B Shares: 9000
ISK lost: 0.55B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.92% Website:
We are the Bovril Miners. We are crazy and mine until everything is gone and when it is we mine Blood.

Things we do:
Small-mid size PvP
Structure bashes
Sov Things

We are a welcoming newbro corp and accept new players everyday and teach them and give them the tools to have fun in EVE everyday. With that said we do have a very active vet group that is here all the time and ready to help any newbro and show them a good time.

For Diplo issues please contact:
Tablot Manzari

For recruitment join the BOVRIL NEW channel.

All apps require a FULL api with no expire or you will be rejected.

Known Pilots (50)
PilotKill PointsDmg Done (isk)Dmg Received (isk)Efficiency
Adroit Madeveda995172701.187935M0M100%
Aiv Med846.1576M0M100%
Alice Adraer2655101.97692M0M100%
Azgar Kanenald1041984944.1756M0M100%
Balkan Assassin147640867.06388M0M100%
Brunner Eras66318113.3449M0M100%
Cory Mahony 2243432546.027M0M100%
E Normus1491594.47M0M100%
Grombridol Kanenald284938310.34828M0M100%
Haerry Uzumaki3147.5441M0M100%
Ilyus Bahari119512551.1839M0M100%
James Orkaski441340.5135M0M100%
Jane The VeldRipper389.3525M0M100%
Jason Longfellow2814361.3215M0M100%
Joe Caustica267310417.52167M0M100%
Kragsmarr Talvanen26140.9914M0M100%
Lieutenant jR3310.72M0M100%
lillyday Andedare120610554.26823M0M100%
Mars Bound18231.677M0M100%
Meshindi Ndosi73516840.049M0M100%
Mikael Riktchial554828137.68742M0M100%
Mineral Molester1171200827.26498M0M100%
Noa Everro384.6053M0M100%
Ontos Maulerant4375662.73542M0M100%
Prometheis Kunn475561.115M0M100%
Quentin Hurtini1492.7753M0M100%
Re'aeith X-Alith962198.86M0M100%
Red Longfellow68292.93M0M100%
Reechter Askiras5482878.4442M0M100%
Santello Everro4514749.903M0M100%
Sephora Dunn281455.5764M0M100%
Sourcream Onion30197.8034M0M100%
spank meh161810830.84856M0M100%
Survik Gaterau114122865.45M0M100%
Tablot Manzari12173116366.004665M279.781M99.76%
Thiesant Nardieu Nardieu4812379.21551M0M100%
tom tomson Aurilen475561.115M0M100%
Varkolyn Crendraven4306590.46784M0M100%
Vekhiam Pollard48538.666M0M100%
Woeth Black Immortalis721000.67M0M100%
Xanosite Parasite392433531.57854M0M100%
Zaruborah Stormblessed9415305.37938M0M100%
Zedan Chent-Shi2353342.81549M0M100%
Zeke Mobius71126.99741M0M100%