Corporation details - Ember Inc. [EMBIN]
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO: Calette Zardina
Kills: 26721 HQ: Yong VII - Moon 6 - Civic Court Accounting
Losses: 5323 Members: 95
ISK destroyed: 5,210.92B Shares: 10000
ISK lost: 717.90B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 87.89% Website:
Ember Inc.

CEO: Calette Zardina

Directors / Council: Dublone Bifi I Blanche Kouvo Morphinchen Flotwell

Applications to: Calette Zardina
Send applications only after contacting the CEO or the recruitement Officer. We only accept german speaking players.

If you want to get in Contact with one of us join our public channel:
Public Channel: Ember-Relations

Logistics Contact: DeschZero
How to create submit a contrac

Recruiting Restriction
- Be able to talk / understand german
- Have more than 8m SP
- Have Omega Clone
Top Solokillers
November 2017
Pilot Solokills
Roger Kellys 1. Roger Kellys 3
Wack Jack 2. Wack Jack 2
Uren Ishii 3. Uren Ishii 2
Franz Weingartner 4. Franz Weingartner 1
Heaven Andedare 5. Heaven Andedare 1
All time
Pilot Solokills
Grunzwurf Wurmloch 1. Grunzwurf Wurmloch 270
Roger Kellys 2. Roger Kellys 181
skull scar 3. skull scar 126
Wack Jack 4. Wack Jack 114
Steveo Mowi 5. Steveo Mowi 62
Kain Doran 6. Kain Doran 55
Uren Ishii 7. Uren Ishii 53
Samsara Odrand 8. Samsara Odrand 40
Helo Inkura 9. Helo Inkura 29
Kharn Drago 10. Kharn Drago 20